Leap Lab grows

After a tough 2020 (covid-19), with the start of 2021 we are celebrating the addition of 2 new researchers to the Leap Lab: Franzette Paz and Omar E. De Varona, both join us thanks to national competitive funding earned by the Lab.

Franzette Paz will do her PhD with us on laser 3D micro-nano-fabrication. Dr. Omar De Varona will join us with a competitive post-doctoral contract to work on a similar topic, yet to be unveiled.

The Leap Lab is dedicated to pursuing excellence and impact through world-class research on both fundamental physics of laser-matter interactions, and applied research on novel photonic technologies for sensing in real-world harsh-environments, where most standard sensors are simply unusable. Led by Dr. Airán Ródenas, our lab is fast growing towards the goal of creating a hot spot on applied photonics research in the outermost region of the Canary Islands (Spain).  

The Leap Lab has also recently earned a new competitive project: a H2020-MSCA-IF-2020 European project, with which Dr. O. E. De Varona will work from 2022 to 2024, also in a soon to disclose exciting collaboration with a German industry partner.

More details soon!

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