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These are our current projects (updated in 2020)

European Project: 101026739, H2020-MSCA-IF-2020; 160,932€ (2022-2024)

National Project: PID2019-107335RA-I00 (plus a 3 years FPI PhD fellowship); 120,395€ (2020-2023)

Receptor of National Postdoctoral Fellowship: FJC2019-041653-I; 33,333€ (2021-2023)

National Grant Ramón y Cajal Fellowship Contract RYC-2017-21618; 40,000€ (2019-2024)

#EXTREMELIGHT was born in 2017 thanks to the Horizon 2020 European Commission Framework. It started as a European Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual research project led by IP Fellow Dr. Airán Ródenas Seguí (Project ID: 747055), at the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnology (IFN-CNR) in Milano, Italy, and financed by the European Commission. This highly competitive project allowed PI Dr. A. Ródenas to kick-start his independent scientific career.

The key discoveries from the project were accepted for publication in the Nature Photonics journal in November 2018 (link). The #EXTREMELIGHT scientific project continues as one of the main research lines of the LeapLab, led by Dr. Ródenas (tenure-track Ramón y Cajal Professor at the Physics Department and IUdEA institute at Universidad de La Laguna in Spain).

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