Public Outreach: ¿Qué es la NanoEstructuración 3D mediante Láser de Femtosegundos? / What is 3D NanoStructuring by Femtosecond Laser?

Outreach Talk by Dr. Ródenas (ULL) (slides in english, given in spanish).

Performed at the Chemistry Faculty (ULL), VI Jornadas JCRM 2022.


Part 1. Introduction

1. What do we mean by Nanostructuring?

2. From 2D planar lithography to… 3D !!!

3. Femtosecond pulses: so fast its like 1 minute to the age of the Universe!

4. Achieving 3D nano thanks to Non-Linear laser-matter interactions

Part 2. A scientific Leap

5. State of the Art in 3D Laser Writing nanostructuring: Was in the Microscale

6. Discovery of 3D Laser Writing at 100 nm resolution: A scientific leap

7. Giant wet-chemical etching selectivity: the highest ever reported in history!

Part 3. The LeapLab

8. Our fs-pulse 3D nanolithography setup at the LeapLab (2022)

9. Recent results from the Lab: Discovering new regimes of nano-photomodification

10. Tecnological applications 1: Metaoptics: sub-wavelength gratings

11. Tecnological applications 2: Nanostructured Optical Waveguides

12. Technological applications 3: Metaoptics: Microlenses

13. Working with the Industry (Wooptix SL, New science: First measurements of refractive index changes at the nanoscale from our nanolithography process.

14. LeapLab longterm Vision: Our vision and mission

15. Recent international projects (EU MSCA and EIC Pathfinder 2022)

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